Leadership Insight is a one to one consultation aimed at creating emotional awareness in relation to your leadership identity.  Built around various modules, its foundation is the Leadership Insight Profile. 

How is LI different? 

The LI profile accelerates your understanding of how effective you are in the face of leadership uncertainties.  It gives you a new grasp on how you can strengthen and develop the unique leadership patterns of engagement that drive you to be good at what you do; and let go of those that do not. 

 This awareness helps you understand how and why your patterns are formed. It makes you acutely aware of how some of these patterns, today, support you and others sabotage you in your day-to-day interactions and how they are likely to elicit negative responses in others.  The more you can bring this awareness to bear, in critical moments, the more you are able to behave as an adult with full responsibility for your actions.  This takes practice.  But it is an invaluable characteristic for anyone in a leadership or a co-creative role. 

Leadership Insight enables you to take leadership development to a new level of sophistication for you, your team and your organisation.
If you are a leader looking for higher levels of awareness and performance in your role then this may well be your next step.


Leadership Insight is
  • A Potent developmental process designed for those who carry leadership roles in complex organisations, partnerships and professions. 
  • A personalised analysis in a report on your patterns, principles and behaviours
  • The offer of a series of development discussions in extensive one-to-one debriefings with an accredited experienced consultant
  • An enduring self-evaluation for your further development.

The Leadership Insight process describes the interplay between your emotional responses, the actions you take and the responses you elicit in others.  As a developmental instrument it also provides an evaluation that can be used alongside psychometric tests and 360° feedback. 

As an instrument The Leadership Insight Profile is unique and reliable.  It has been thoroughly researched for internal consistency and cross-cultural integrity and proven to be effective across a diversity of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. It has been used successfully in, the United States, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, China, India, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Denmark, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

What Leadership Insight is not

  • A Psychometric test
  • A typical tick-box test that presents a list of external characteristics
  • A snapshot ofyour personality, which is then used to categorise you
  • A method of comparison that ranks you above or below a norm
  • An assessment or recruitment tool
  • A mass instrument


The LI Process 
The LI process is made up of distinct but interlocking Modules. The foundation of the entire process is The Profile.  As a stand-alone module The LI Profile can lead to in-depth personal development. 
If you choose you can also build on this using the insight you have gained through your Profile as a basis to go further into your individual development during an LI Intensive, or make use of it as a tool for wider organisational change.  Ultimately it is also possible for participants to join Leadership Insight by training to be a consultant. 

  • Module I: The LI Profile
  • Module II: Leadership Insight Intensive
  • Module III: LI for Organisations
  • Module IV: Leadership Insight Accreditation

Module 1: The LI Profile 
This first module aims to understand the interplay between your emotional responses, the actions you take and the responses you elicit in others. Basing themselves on the results of an in-depth questionnaire, which you completeandreturn, skilled team of analysts prepare two reports. Together these form The LI Profile:

  • The Personal Report, which illuminates your patterns of engagement and your coping strategies
  • A Work Resume, focusing on anchoring your understanding of how you operate at home and work, which helps to establish how your organisation can most benefit from working with you

Based on the behavioural patterns and themes identified in your responses, the reports reveal the core values that drive you.  Often they are so closely held that people may be completely unaware of them. During the set up process an LI trained professional consultant will be assigned to you and once the reports are compiled you will work together debriefing your profile. The process of one-to-one conversations has proven to be as important as the construction and accuracy of the reports themselves. With the consultant you decide what rings true of what has been written.  It involves two people sitting side-by-side exploring your feelings, any contradictions, the buzz or fog in your mind. These meetings go beyond simply coaching and problem solving; instead they are gearedto helping you understand the fundamental way in which you operate.  The consultant does not act as the source of insight here, but as a companion to you discovering your own insights into the meaning and implications of your behaviour and reactions.  It is a developmental relationship that enables you to confront your strengths alongside what does not work for you – often linking these to earlier experiences and self-judgements as well as a range of emotions.

Starting with The Personal Report, you work together, amplifying its meaning, making connections, using memories and associations – going from ‘what happened back then’ to the core interactions of what is ‘happening right now’.

Part of the role of the Consultant is to slow you down, creating an environment in which you can take the time to reflect and ask yourself fundamental questions affecting your choices and behaviours. They will also crucially help you to identify and connect underlying patterns within them. The goal here is to become more in charge of the difficult areas in your life, more aware of your reactions, increasing your ability to react intuitively. 


Moving on to your second report, The Work Résumé, with the help of your consultant, you establish your development options and priorities: the issues you wish to address. 
Your consultant will then guide you through the process of applying your increased emotional acumen to achieving your goals.Keeping you focused on your priorities and your internal relationship with yourself, your consultant will work with you on how to be resilient in your public role, and how to lead yourself effectively so that you are then able to offer sound leadership and advice to others. 

Getting Started
  1. You or your organisation purchases the questionnaire, whether for one person or for a number of people as part of a wider development programme.
  2. The questionnaire is then emailed to you along with an encrypted password that gives you access.
  3. You complete the questionnaire in your own time and space, and then email it back.  
  4. The questionnaire is allocated to a trained and supervised analyst. Specially trained, this analyst will then prepare your personal reports. (The details that you have written in your questionnaire such as the language, incidents, recollections or content are never specifically referred to although they inform the analysis. You and the analyst are the only two people who will ever see the answers to your questionnaire, unless, of course, you choose to share these yourself.)
  5. One of our consultants receives the Report and Resume and contacts you to set up a consultation.
  6. Once you have been assigned a consultant and a meeting has been set up, you sit together and go through the report one level at a time, usually over 4 or 5 sessions at monthly intervals

A sample report is available  Click Here 



Module II: Leadership Insight Intensive 

Building on the acquired skills of the individual, this module takes the personal development into the collective sphere. LI intensive programmes are 5-day master classes, which create the environment that enables you to truly see the impact of your patterns through working with others.

The Intensive allows you to experience the challenges of work ina safe and nurturing environment, giving you the space to experiment and expolore. During the course you will ahve the opportunity to experiment with different roles : the client, the consultant, the observer, allowing you to use what you have learnt in different contexts.  
Bringing your increased awareness and acumen to bear, The LI Intensive can:

  • Enable you to confront conversations under the surface − where people cannot communicate or tend to misinterpret each other’s motivations and thinking
  • Enhance your grasp of interpersonal dynamics and cooperation; you will be better able to handle work relations, appraisals...
  • Show you how to act in a transparent and cooperative way – more willing to share 

 The Leadership Insight Intensive introduces the conditions for self-leadership necessary for participants to be able to lead others in a sustainable way.

Module III: Leadership Insight for Organisations and Teams
Leadership Insight can be rolled out to entire organisations, helping you to meet your current organisation's challenges. It is hugely useful when combined with the company's learning strategies on change and development: it can offer an entry point to create a learning contract and provide a structure for personal development consultationduring programmes.

Applied to your organisation or your team, LI can: 

  • Enhance the ability of the team to act in a transparent and cooperative way – and prevent it from being sabotaged by people manoeuvring around each other 
  • Creating new, realistic working agreements and real inter-personal co-operation within the team, enabling greater sharing within the team.

It can also be a powerful tool for:

  • Conflict resolution where individuals are holding extreme position
  • The vision and practice of High Performance Teams and their interaction
  • Accessing business and strategic capability within top teams and boards by freeing up restrictive limiting beliefs or barriers to vision
  • Enhancing communication
  • Accelerating organisational uptake on a culture of initiative and self-help


Module IV: Leadership Insight Accreditation
Having undertaken your own LI journey you may like to explore becoming a qualified Associate Consultant.  Accreditation consists of three highly experiential four-day modules, combined with on-going supervision over at least an 18-month period. During this time you will be working directly with clients, supporting them and accompanying them as you were. Your accreditation is complete after working with eight clients. 







The LI Concept
Patterns Of Engagement 

Over the course of your life you have developed strategies that determine how you interact in the world.  One aspect of those strategies we call the patterns of engagement’.

When your personal beliefs or values are challenged by someone or something, different patterns of engagement are set in motion.  When used positively they help you. Other patterns may be unexpected, unwanted, confusing or unhelpful.


This emotional awareness is key to developing your leadership identity.  In particular, it addresses your capacity to deal with the unknown and with uncertain, often complex situations that require new, higher level thinking and action.  It will become an invaluable pointer for helping you comprehend what is happening to you – not some while later but as it happens, in the heat of the action.  You are in control and are able to act responsibly.


Contrast this with a less aware response: you forfeit much of your potential and become a victim to your pre-programming.  You repeat past patterns of engagement and, as a result, the scene may play out in familiar, but ineffective and possibly quite damaging ways.


Origins of Leadership Insight

The theoritical grounding of the Leadership Insight Process derives from both Transactional Analysis and Complexity Theory.

The primary building blocks of the LI process, the questionnaire used to createa profile, was developed in the 1980's in South Africa, by a firm which continues to generate them today: LifePi. It was created as an instrument for leadership development that would be culture neutral and would avoid prioritising traditional norms. 

Professionals from many different psychological fields find the LI approach stimulating, and indeed fun and energising, and it has proven to be compatible with psychological approaches ranging from psychoanalysis to cognitive psychology.




Elisabeth Henderson

Jane Allen
Senior Consultant

Perdita Hunt

Otto Reuchlin

Mark Preston
Associate Mentor
Ute Bock
Rita Garner
Carol Scott
Willem Moolenburgh
Niels Janssen
Klaus Hermann
Jacqui Watt
Amy Page
Jennifer Jones
Cheryl Brooker
Sally Searle


Here is what our clients are saying about Leadership Insight:


“LI has given me increased understanding of what my behaviours look like … and how I can change my responses in different situations”

“I am highly pleased with the whole process and hugely with my reports.  They reflect who I am, with my unique strengths, and have given me the tools to see and develop myself in a wholly new way”


“I have a greater understanding of my strengths, ability and capability going forward”


“I have achieved far more through LI than I ever anticipated, in ways I never expected, and I’ve finally understood that leadership is essentially about me”



“My consultant had the ability to cut through and remove unnecessary considerations, drilling down onto key avenues, exploring these in depth in order to help me formulate root causes and therefore patterns I can respond to.”


“To others I would say LI will provide you with valuable insight, if you’re prepared to be honest with yourself, prepared to challenge yourself and prepared to change  - as all the information and support is there to help you do so”

More testimonials are available by clicking the video


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